Recipe Book

The Recipe Book


I’m going to use this little page to keep track of all the different recipes that I’m lucky enough to try out, and maybe even some I invent myself! :) If there’s anything you see in the blog posts that you like, you’ll be able to find the recipes, or links to the recipes, for them here for quick reference. Enjoy!






Babycakes NYC Vegan Vanilla CupcakesVegan Cream Cheese Frosting


2 responses to “Recipe Book

  1. joan doerksen

    Saw your show on Saturday night in Victoria and had such a great time .. 2nd time we’ve been to your concert and love your energy and enthusiasm and, of course, your voice!!!

    So, I was just re-reading your write up in the TC and thought I’d check out your blog .. and I NEVER check out blogs .. and was delighted to see some fab recipes that I will most definitely try. A restaurant here named Med Grill makes the BEST chicken lettuce wraps and I have been trying for years to make a good copy so will have fun trying out your recipe.

    I shall continue to check out your blog .. am not much of a cook so don’t go toooo difficult on us with your recipes!!

    Have fun on your tour and will hopefully see you at Christmas

    XXX Joan

  2. hi Joan!! :)

    yay! thanks so much!!
    mmm I am going to have to try the Med Grill one day :)
    thanks so much for coming out to the show and checking out my blog, that’s awesome!

    i promise I’ll get to making more posts about food post-tour! :) hehe

    Allison :)

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