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I was trying to think of what might make a good first post, and I figured, hell, it may have happened half a year ago, (OH GOD I’M ALMOST 29 EEEK) but the rainbow cake is sort of the unofficial mascot of this blog .It sort of embodies in sugar, egg, butter, cream and flour, the lengths to which I will go to have THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! So, to all of you, I say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) On to the cake!

I MADE THIS. Seriously. On November 15 2009, until 1 am, i made this beautiful delicious monstrosity. IT WAS AWESOME for my birthday the next day, the 16th, – and  was really very delicious, besides being obviously beautiful. Style as well as substance? I like.

I found the recipe for this and used it directly from the blog ‘ Gotta Little Space to fill– so to make it yourself, please follow these wonderfully put together instructions! I somehow managed to make buttercream icing on the first try, for my first time EVER, using this recipe – so I think that you should follow them to the letter as well! I insist. :) The ONLY things that I changed in this recipe were that for the cake, I used half almond extract and half vanilla extract, and it was SUPER tasty (I ran out of vanilla extract). I saved the one vanilla pod I had for the icing, so in effect it’s actually a vanilla BEAN icing, and I absolutely loved the little speckles from the bean. :)

I topped the whole thing off with random silver decoration balls from lord-knows-when, and besides the fact that they were a bit dangerous for the teeth, they looked really pretty.

If you have some free hours and a SUPER epic birthday coming up, I implore you, make this cake! You won’t regret it. It’s sort of like a baking marathon – a rite of passage, if you will. And the colour of the Wilton food colouring gels is worth every penny! You’ve never before eaten food of such an unholy shade of blue! DO IT! :)

Again, that’s Gotta Little Space to fill.

Now, excuse me while I blow out these candles. OOooo!! It would appear I have a boyfriend. :) Go candles!


Alley :)

photo credits: Billie Woods



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