About me.

Hi there :) My name is Allison, and this is my blog. Welcome to it. Here’s a little bit about me for those who are curious!

In one part of my life I’m a travelling musician, a recording engineer, my own personal soundperson, a singer/songwriter, and my very own record label executive. I’m pretty awesome to work for – I don’t generally ask myself to do anything I’m not comfortable with.

In my secret other life, I’m a lover of cooking and eating, an adoptive mother to a wiener dog and a black cat, a fanatic knitter and yarn freak, a bellydancer, a girlfriend, a daughter,  a sister, an aunty, a video gamer, a gardener, a writer, and anything else I feel like being at any given moment.

This is a picture of me on my birthday. I LOVE my birthday. Make no bones about it. It’s the one day a year where I can spend hours baking myself a cake and nobody looks at me funny, or prepare a giant multi-course meal for friends and family, or get free stuff from stores because I tell them it’s my birthday, and then everyone has a party… Best. Day. Ever.

I am going to look at this blog as being one giant year long birthday celebration – it’s about me, but I want everyone else to have a good time too. I’ll tell you about my dog, knit you a hat, and bake you a cake. Welcome to my house! Don’t expect me to get up before 11 – but there’s plenty of coffee in the cupboard – feel free to help yourself.



Where the name comes from…

The name for this blog, 7 Thumbs Up, is from an episode of ‘The Simpsons’, in which Homer becomes, for a short-lived and ill-fated time, a food critic. In one of his articles he states “this restaurant gets my lowest rating EVER – seven thumbs up.” Shortly after, he is criticized for being too easy on the various establishments, and hilarity ensues.

Personally, I sort of look at food like Homer. I generally love ALL food, and upon seeing it am known to exclaim “ooOOOOooo!!”, leading my boyfriend to believe that I am the “Homer” in this relationship. I’m not sure if that makes him Marge, or what.


Alley :)


7 responses to “About me.

  1. Lasse

    Alley… could use some of your curriy dishes! When I read about you cooking indian, my stomach started to grumble, badly :)

    Love your music…
    Btw how do you keep your four legged friends happy when out touring?? Assume they stay at home.

    Hug from us in Sweden

    • Hey there!!! :)

      I was just thinking I’d put up a curry recipe (one of the cool ones from scratch where you toast the spices and grind up cashews and things hehehehe)

      thank you so much!

      When I’m going between Newfoundland and BC, Link comes with me and Johnny (the kitty) stays home, but when i head to europe they both stay home with family :) hehe

      take care,
      Alley :)

  2. hyrumi

    never really heard any of your work until tonight, that I knew of anyway, maybe I’ve been wrong about thinking that. It is good stuff.

    came here from some really nice youtube videos, got there someone I routinely irritated by misidentifying some guy from Gladstone.

  3. Ale Ceratti

    Hello Allison! How are you?!?! Not sure if you going to remember me, but we meet at Donna’s house back in 2006, when I was participating in an exchange program in Corner Brook.
    I ended up in your blog from a random search on the web and must say that was a good surprise. From the blog I got to your videos on you tube and just remembered how beautifully you sing and how great where those days at Gitanos and Canada! You’re a great singer (and from reading your blog, I can tell, a great cooker too). Have the best weekend!

    • Hi Ale!! :)

      it’s so nice to hear from you! I do remember you :oD I hope you’re doing well! thanks so much for stopping by the blog,
      have a great weekend too!

      Allison :)

  4. Hello, my name is Antònia . I live in Inca, Mallorca, Spain. I like cooking and lovely the kittins and puppies, and I have a cat and a dog. I have read yours receips and there are wonderful. I try it. You look that my english is very bad. My Blog is http://receptescuinases3antonies.blogspot.com/
    and my Webs are http://abcblogsiwebs.blogspot.com/
    This pages are write in Mallorquin or Catalan but you can traslate them with the on-line traslation in the blog.
    See you soon Allison

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