Lunch with my Demons

Herewith, a bit of a short story. Enjoy :)

Lunch with my demons

by Allison Crowe – (her being me.)

I sat down for lunch with my demons the other day, just to see them all in the same room at the same time. One set the table, cleaned it, and reset it again. She would do this repeatedly throughout the evening. All seated together for the first time (except for the one, she wouldn’t sit down)(and well, for the other one, who refused to get up – she stayed in bed) conversation was, you might say, interesting.

The first one to arrive was sorry that she was late. She was dressed to the nines.

The last one wasn’t sorry she was late at all, and clearly hadn’t showered.

After the initial introductions had taken place (amid much tension) one of the girls just started screaming, wailing, as if in pain, and then when the anxious one asked what was wrong, she just snapped “NOTHING” and continued wailing, making the anxious one all the more anxious, until she burst in to tears and had to leave the room, causing one of them to just keep laughing and laughing – not that anything was funny – she just didn’t know what else to do.

One of them apologized for all this unreasonable behaviour.

One of them laughed.

In the midst of it all, one tried to make an ill-humored joke and when that fell flat she retreated, rejected, back in to her coat of apathy. What was the point of all this anyways?

One made a brief recant of the others statement. She hadn’t meant it.

One of them laughed.

One had a problem, and told the entire table about it even thought it was completely inappropriate. Another one felt that her problem was worse than hers, so she spoke up and over the other one, and then she felt jilted and unappreciated, but held it in.

One wondered why we had to talk at all.

One laughed.

When one reset the table for the last time, the timer went off and she was distracted for long enough to bring out the meal, intricately prepared, everything made from scratch. She didn’t stick around long enough to hear the compliments as there were dishes to be done, so another one lapped up the glory – after having done nothing at all but her hair.

Before the meal was even finished, she snatched the plates from all the demons, causing one creature, still devouring, to lash out and insult everyone at the table – all the while smashing everything in sight. Then they ALL joined in. Well, most of them.

For my part, I just sat there in awe as the mayhem unfolded in front of me. One of them was in the corner rocking back and forth pretending that none of this was happening – and one of them was in the middle of the room jumping up and down, celebrating this fireball of anarchy.

One was sorry, so so sorry, for this destruction.

One giggled.

Somehow, minutes later, they all took a deep breath and got back to being as normal as possible, even though by now everyone was crying. (except for two – one was still in bed, and the other just stared straight ahead, burning holes in to the wall with her eyes)

Why had I set this up? The meal was delicious and it was all very interesting, if not enlightening, but really, what was I accomplishing by seating my flaws in the great hall for all to see?

I sat in wonder for so long, that I didn’t realize they had gone.

The lights came up and I realized that I was alone. There were broken dishes all around me, my face streaked in tears, and I was bleeding someone’s blood – the beautiful meticulously prepared meal now spoiled and wasted. I just wanted to go back to bed, but was struck with a need to clean this mess up before I even considered it. This was my fault, after all, and I would deal with the consequences.

The next day I couldn’t get out of bed, and I was sorry. So, so sorry.

So sorry in fact that I invited them all back for dinner the next evening to make up for it.



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4 responses to “Lunch with my Demons

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  2. toshon

    I love you. All of you.

  3. Lynn Welburn

    Boy, your demons and mine should get together sometime for a party… or perhaps the end of the world.
    Loved the piece!

  4. Peach James


    Watch the deamons. They can take a big bite out of you…

    *(but, they are who/what make us what we are…it’s a double edged knife…no deamons, no decent story telling, no decent songs…but the bad side can be quite dark)

    I can’t/don’t write until I get so far down in a hole that I don’t like either myself, or what’s going on with me. That and I sing in the classic key that ANYONE can sing in (off).

    There’s a reason why as a PO in the navy, I have ~18 bottles full in the kitchen. I know how easy it would be for me to loose myself into that world, and that would, truely, suck.

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