Let them eat Super Meat Boy cake.

There’s something beautiful about people coming together, eating, laughing, and generally enjoying each others company. Besides the obvious (read: food is delicious) I think there are more subtle things that happen during these gatherings of friends.

You feed your face, yes, and lord knows I love to feed my face, but, what’s more is that you are feeding your soul and mind, and sort of can recharge through the right kind of group energy. So in a more positive connotation than the original speaker of these words I say, indeed, let them eat cake.

Yes, I am a hippie.

I also love video games.

I also love people that love video games, and one of those people that I love the most just had his birthday – and thus I made him a cake of one of his favourite video game character – Super Meat Boy.

A little bit of back story on myself and my experience with such cakes here:

I am obviously not an expert – I learned how to make marshmallow fondant from teh internetz,(O HAI!) and followed examples and patterns and paths that people had already, much to my delight, forged. I googled XBox 360 cake and found this AMAZING tutorial to get me going.

My first carved fondanty cake was an XBox 360 for my boyfriends brothers b-day (HOORAY ALLITERATION)  as seen here: (it took about 9 hours)

I had such a blast making this cake (which is, admittedly, a box mix – it was my first and I wanted to focus on the construction) that I couldn’t wait to get to my second.


(photo courtesy of IGN)

Now for those of you who have never heard of this game – I warn you – it’s really really addicting. And really frustrating. I can only try a few times before I cower back to my Sims 3 family and just make an earthquake or firestorm happen to vent all previous Super Meat Boy frustrations. (he is not, btw, an actual wad of meat – he is merely a square boy with no skin)(mmm CAKE!)

SO here’s how the cake came together.

First I google super meatboy cake and found this link. (not sure if that will work)

I started by making a red velvet cake recipe from the Joy of Cooking (I swear to you, this cookbook has NEVER let me down – especially when it comes to baking- you should own it. I have an old one passed down from family members and a new updated one, too!) and iced it with Cream Cheese Frosting from same. (the Red Velvet Cake recipe is actually a buttermilk white cake with cocoa and red food coloring added at different points in the process)

I froze that overnight, all wrapped up in cling wrap – and the next day, got to carving Meat Boy in his shape-to-be. In truth all I did was carve out a little leg hole, and then used what I had just carved out as a fist.

Then it was time to make the fondant.

For this particular cake you will need:

  • – Wilton Food Gel (black and red)(I used a whole tub of red – and be warned – this gets messy)
  • – 6 cups Marshmallows
  • – 6 cups powdered sugar (or as much as it takes to come to the right consistancy – i find it works best when it’s like a stretchy bread dough)
  • – roughly 3 tbls of water
  • – a lot of grease. (i used vegetable oil)
  • 1 – 2 Layer Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting(from Joy of Cooking)
  • Freaking sharp big knife (that was for the carving step back a couple of paragraphs there)

Instructions (based on my limited knowledge)

Start by microwaving the marshmallows and water for about 1 minute in a microwave safe greased bowl – and keep heating in subsequent 30 second periods until they get all nice and puffy and gooey. Mix all that goo til it’s nice and smooth with a greased spatula, and move in to grease mixing bowl. At this point, I greased the dough-hook (do you sense a pattern here??) and turned the mixer on to the lowest setting, slowly adding the powdered sugar and letting the dough-hook knead the “dough” until it was the right consistancy. This can take several minutes.

At this point, then, either separate the fondant in to pieces to be coloured, or colour the dough all together. I did this batch in two steps, the biggest amount dyeing red while it was still in the mixer, the other part I left white and dyed a small amount black for the face details. (THIS IS REALLY REALLY MESSY – I still have some dye in my fingernails a few days later so – be forewarned if you care about that sort of thing.)(I don’t.)

Once the fondant is mixed, prepare your surface. I used a wooden table, first greased and then covered in powdered sugar. I am still wiping the sticky surface off days later. Again, be forewarned. (if you are wondering why your dog is licking the floor, that is why)

With a fondant roller (and really, it’s important to have this – it’s silicone or plastic or something like that – you can get them at most stores that have any cake supplies) roll out your dough until it’s thin enough to work with, but not so thin it rips. (that’s what I found works anyways – again – not an expert – also – you are supposed to chill this for a while if you know what you’re doing but I don’t so I used it this way as it made my life easier. Que sera.)

Next, drape the red fondant over the entire cake and smooth with a fondant smoother (also important to get – its like a flat plastic paddle – really cheap), cutting off the excess bits and tucking it in ’til it looks right to you.

I then rolled out the black fondant and carved out the mouth and eye details, and then did the same with the white. If you’re like me – stare at a picture on your boyfriends iPad of supermeatboy and then call him in to the kitchen to hit the button again when the damn thing goes to sleep and you can’t touch it with your sugary sugary hands, and carve freehand until you get something that looks kinda like it’s s’posed to.

Attach the detail pieces with a little bit of water – and then i sort of dusted the icing sugar off with a bit of vegetable oil. Again, that’s probably totally messed up and wrong of me to do – BUT I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M DOING.

And there you have him – SUPER MEAT BOY! :)

Now, make a couple of lasagnas with a sweet potato layer, cheap out and buy salad dressing cause you ran out of time and buy a frozen garlic bread, take out your homemade ice creams (thank you David Lebovitz you ice cream guru you) earlier than I did so people can actually eat it when the time comes, and wait for your friends to show up.

Have a great time.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I know it’s been a long time since I’ve updated with any new recipes, but I’ve definitely been doing a lot of cooking and have much to catch up on!

This winter I’ve also been doing a lot of writing – and here’s a short story that kind of fits this post – about a dinner party in my head that went horribly horribly wrong.


I hope this makes up for lost time. :)

If it doesn’t, here’s my wiener dog in a sweater. If this doesn’t do it for you, then I don’t know what will.


Allison :)



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  1. LOL! Enjoyed reading this post – welcome to the world of blogging!

  2. Very Nice work!!! Cute dog :-)

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