Eggless Mocha Cake

Aloha, all :)

Ahhh, home and rest. A perfect time to bake a cake! As I am typing this I can smell delicious cocoa in the oven and see a smooth dome of cakey goodness to my right. HOORAY!

I’m just home after being on tour for about 3 and a half weeks in beautiful BC – my homeland.

I had such an amazing and wonderfully busy time, in Sechelt, Saltspring Island, Victoria, Nanaimo and Duncan, that it seems now like the whole thing is just a blur. It felt SO good to be doing shows again, and I can’t WAIT for my upcoming European tour in the fall, and all the other projects that are still proofing (bread-talk) as we speak. :)

I saw faces I know and love, I met many new friends, saw my best friends new little one,  saw and did all those things that I always try to do while I’m in BC, and Link even got to do a bit of summer school – right before a wiener dog party extravaganza!!! Imagine as many wiener dogs as you can .. well.. imagine.. all in one place, on one of the HOTTEST days of the summer, complete with wiener races. It was a blast, and Link got to meet his brother Horton.

And, of course, there were the shows, which are like my air and water supply (not to be confused with Air Supply) all in one. Nothing refreshes and exhausts me like a good show (maybe iced coffee… though the exhaustion only comes later hehehe ah caffeine crash), and show after show in succession is the most wonderfully therapeutic experience for me, in so many ways!

If you managed to come out to any of the shows, thank you so so much! If you didn’t, well thank YOU too, because you are here and reading.

I got to go to my FAVOURITE restaurant in the WORLD – ReBar – and saw my favorite restaurant guy, Billy, whom I got to sign my ReBar cookbook on my previous visit, and who gave me two FREE desserts (fruit crumble and ReBar chocolate cake DEAR GOD) upon arrival. Yum yum yum!

I saw WEIRD AL YANKOVIC LIVE!! IN NANAIMO!! It was amazing. Words can’t even describe.. perhaps I will do some sort of Weird Al themed post soon and relate a recipe to him and tell the story of the show… maybe mashed potatoes… (he had a thing for carving things from mashed potatoes in his movie UHF…) Yes… It shall be done.

Anywho, thanks so much for visiting me and checking in. I love you for it!

Now, a celebration of the successful completion of a tour – in cake form.

Eggless Mocha Cake! (I actually have no allergy to eggs or anything, and I eat them quite a bit, which is probably why I don’t have any, hence, eggless.)(Truthfully I’ve just been too lazy to buy any yet.)

(ps. I took all these pictures using the Hipstamtic app for my iPhone4.. hehehe.. it makes me feel like I know how to take pictures :p)


Jeanette’s Condensed Milk Chocolate Cake

(from Egg Free Baking)

2 cups all-purpose flour
⅓ cup cocoa powder
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
200g melted butter OR ⅔ cup oil
1 x 400g can regular OR Lite sweetened condensed milk
2 teaspoons vanilla extract or essence
1 cup water OR (coffee for a Mocha cake – I used coffee and it’s yummy!) OR (orange juice for a Jaffa cake)

Preheat oven to 150°C (350°F). Prepare an 20cm (8 inch) round springform tin OR an 20cm (8 inch) ring tin or brundt mould.
In a large bowl sift the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda. Make a well in the center.
Melt butter and condensed milk in microwave bowl and stir until combined or heat oil and condensed milk gently on stove top stirring continuously until blended.
Stir in the vanilla.
Pour the wet ingredients along with the water (or coffee or orange juice) into the well of dry ingredients.
Combine and spread in prepared pan.
Bake in the preheated oven for 30 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean.
Allow to cool in pan.
Cover with chocolate icing if desired.





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5 responses to “Eggless Mocha Cake

  1. It was hot enough the last weekend of the west-coast tour you could have given cooking demos from the stage – without any need for appliances!

    Fun times, indeed, thanks to all!!

    Digging the Hipsta pics… as much fun as a Duraplay latex bone! (well, to those on two legs)

  2. I’m waiting to try baking this cake- we have a wrap up event for Shirley Day (on the west side of the west island :)- not only do I get to bake a cake, I also get to make sure the books add up. (I’m not cooking the books though!).

    Peach James

  3. James Powell

    Mmm…it was a bit dry, but that might have to do with the method I used for selecting the right (?) quantity of butter- “that looks about right because the 5 year old used all the batteries in the small electric scale, so I hope that’s ~200gm of butter”.

    My wife commented that it seemed a bit bland to her- I found it fine & have 4 more pieces to eat. Her loss, not mine !

    Peach James

    • ahhh.. you know as well as all the other stuff there.. though it wasn’t in the recipe that i got online, so it may not make a difference? but, i use a totally different type of cocoa generally, that i should have mentioned! i use ruddy red cocoa powder, which is a LOT richer tasting… and for all i know, that may make a huge difference! haha (we get it from Bulk Barn so i didn’t even THINK of it being different than regular cocoa powder, but it totally is) !!

  4. heya! hmm i wonder.. i DID actually undercook mine a bit – and kinda loved it that way – hehehe – and i used a mix of oil and margerine… maybe more oil than butter would make it less dry? for flavour maybe a bit of chopped up dark chocolate might add? i’m curious, too, about using orange juice rather than coffee for more of a jaffa chocolate/orange cake – that might be good! maybe a bit more salt? though mind you that’d likely dry it out more, hahaha

    cheers! :)

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